The Students

“If we can help just one person refuse to accept false limits, we’ve made a contribution.”

Your support will be converted into books, school supplies, clothes, and necessities needed to help these kids rise above the circumstances forced upon them.

You can be a kid’s hero for $40.00 (US) a month, or team up with someone else and be a co-sponsor for $20.00 (US).

Which one are you? You’re a click away from making a difference.

(For safety/privacy purposes we no longer post pictures of the students. Thank you for understanding.)

Saška is a 3rd grader,  in the normal class at the local school and not doing well, so far.  She only knows 25 of her 30 letters of the alphabet so, so she is not ready to advance to the next grade level.  She is attending tutoring classes at the library and the extra help sessions during school.

As the youngest of 4 children, her family receives special benefits, for the cost of her schoolbooks. However, she too needs a sponsor for school supplies, backpack, PE equipment, excursions, and tutoring.

Stefan is at a critical point for a Serbian teen. He has graduated from 8th grade (the minimum required by the government). Many others like him drop-out at this point and try to live on state benefits. With no hope for better, they spend a lifetime merely existing.

His father was working in Serbia making $220/month. It cost him $50.00 just for the bus pass needed to get to work. His dad is now working in Slovakia 6 months of the year in an effort to make more money. In such an economic reality, where you have trouble paying for shelter, food, and heat, a kid’s education becomes a luxury.

Stefan wants to finish high school, get a job, and help support his parents. Help us help Stefan. Let’s rewrite his future.

 Every so often we need to find new sponsors for kids who are already part of Propel. There are all kinds of reasons a sponsor can no longer participate, and we are appreciative of their help to get their students started down a path towards success.

So, we get to re-introduce you to Filip and Jasmina, yes, brother and sister. These two kids, along with their parents and a big brother, live in a one room “house”. Five people in a space of about 120 sq. feet. Sadly, dad is an on-off again presence, and mom is missing part of her left arm, so work for her is near impossible to get.

In the midst of the poverty and uncertainty, their parents truly understand that an education is the only hope for Filip and Jasmina’s future. But, when it is a decision between food and books, the books often lose. No education, they both end up living hand-me-down lives. Finishing school through 8th grade reduces the odds of them, and their children, living in poverty by 86%!! 

Filip is in 3rd grade and at the top of his class. Jasmina is in 1st grade and is also excelling in school. 

We have helped them this far, your support will keep the momentum going!!

Aleksa, both Aleksanders, Stevan, Zaljena, Aleksandra, both Stefans, Nevena, Kristijan, Miljan, Dimitrije, Aca, Elvira, Sanela, Vesna, Igor, Teodora, Jovana, Jovan, Nemanaj, Nikola, and another Zaljena, Milos, and Viktor are sponsored!!!!!  Thank you to those who cared enough to care!!!!

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