A Matter of Trust

Against the odds and the skeptics’ doubts…it is working!!

Just one and half years ago we signed some documents, paid some fees, and in Serbia, Propel became a reality. It was now official! It’s alive!!!! Now what?

We set out to work with this nation’s most under-valued, despised, and mistrusted people…The Roma (gypsies). It is bad enough that the Roma are looked down upon by almost every other facet of society, but they don’t even trust one another.

So, who were we to think we could make any connection? Who were we to try to bridge the gap? What were we thinking? Continue reading


Elvira: Why would we sponsor a university student? How did she turn the taunts and jeers of her friends into her Fight Song?

Growing up in most Roma communities is a strike against any kid. Oh, you’re a girl”? Strike two. Strike three could be a choice of any number of factors; parental apathy, lack of funds, death of your father. Take your pick. Continue reading

Ordinary Love


Ordinary has gotten a bad rap. Sure it means; the usual, the expected. In today’s language calling something ordinary is almost derogatory. In this day and age of over-used, misused, and over-hyped adjectives, ordinary is considered just plain dull. Ordinary isn’t shared. Ordinary doesn’t get “likes”. Who retweets ordinary?

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