Welcome to our first-ever Smorgasupdate! Something for everyone!!!!!!

Elvira: Why would we sponsor a university student? How did she turn the taunts and jeers of her friends into her Fight Song?

Growing up in most Roma communities is a strike against any kid. Oh, you’re a girl”? Strike two. Strike three could be a choice of any number of factors; parental apathy, lack of funds, death of your father. Take your pick. Continue reading

Ordinary Love


Ordinary has gotten a bad rap. Sure it means; the usual, the expected. In today’s language calling something ordinary is almost derogatory. In this day and age of over-used, misused, and over-hyped adjectives, ordinary is considered just plain dull. Ordinary isn’t shared. Ordinary doesn’t get “likes”. Who retweets ordinary?

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Hello Goodbye


For the past 11 weeks we have been on the road. Visiting almost every US state east of the Mississippi River, and even taking a trek into Canada. In between driving over 12,000 miles we visited friends, family, supporters, prospects, advocates, and a number of restaurants and petrol stations. The visits cannot be numbered, nor the hugs, laughs, or tears. We loved every connection and were saddened by every goodbye.

Funny thing, there was a strange constant in many, many conversations. People who have known us for decades, friends who have been following our adventure since the early days, even folks who have been supporting this work for close to ten years, all seemed to have the same question: What do you do? Continue reading

One Mission Accomplished-New Mission Started!

hvalaOne Mission Accomplished

Our first ever Roma Kids Camp was an amazing success! Twenty-five boys and girls from two of Novi Sad’s poorest neighbourhoods had five days and four nights of games, activities, lessons, sleep deprivation, and love. For a group of kids who rarely have this kind of opportunity, it was a blast. Follow-up conversations with their parents tell us that the kids are still talking about how much fun they had at Camp. To all that made it possible (and it was truly a global effort), Thank You!!! Continue reading