Wish You Were Here

What? Me? Come to Serbia?

Yes. You come to Serbia. Really. It would be great.

Think of it….you get to see what Propel is doing, love on people, experience the culture, enjoy the food, and make some memories that could change your life and those with whom you engage.

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More Than Words


These past few months have been a whirlwind of activity..

  • Two teams from the US (and one more coming next month)
  • Purchasing school books for 20+ students ranging from 1st graders to a university senior
  • Purchasing countless pencils, erasers, protractors, crayons, note books, backpacks, gym shorts, and everything else the kids need in the way of school supplies
  • Renewing our visas
  • And the planning has already started for next year!

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A Matter of Trust

Against the odds and the skeptics’ doubts…it is working!!

Just one and half years ago we signed some documents, paid some fees, and in Serbia, Propel became a reality. It was now official! It’s alive!!!! Now what?

We set out to work with this nation’s most under-valued, despised, and mistrusted people…The Roma (gypsies). It is bad enough that the Roma are looked down upon by almost every other facet of society, but they don’t even trust one another.

So, who were we to think we could make any connection? Who were we to try to bridge the gap? What were we thinking? Continue reading